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Corporate Events

Eating Royally is the perfect company for your corporate event. What client wouldn’t want to know you are ‘treating them like Royalty’ with a former chef to Queen Elizabeth II prepare a fine dining experience for them through a client appreciation night.


Perhaps a formal synchronized served wine paired dinner? Or maybe something a little less formal like an interactive cooking class with clients sipping wine, watching the dishes be prepared and then tasting… Half a cup of Learning, half a cup of Party but a full glass of Memories.


Looking for the perfect team-building event?  “Eating Royally” has the most delicious of team building events that will work with your budget. Each cooking team-building program is specifically designed to encourage your group to work together as teams and enjoy each other’s company while building unity.


Cooking team events focus on interaction that leads to happier and more productive team members in the workplace. So, put on your chef’s toque and let’s get cooking and “Eating Royally!